Goblin Gardens

We sell quail eggs and quail, both Coturnix and A&M quail. Additionally we raise chickens and ducks and have a rainbow of egg colors available. We take orders for meat ducks and turkeys. Our birds are well treated, and given plenty of room to roam. We do take orders for chicks and fertile eggs in the breeds we have available, to which we are soon adding Rocks, Welsummers, Marans, and Fayoumi. We also have a variety of button quail colors available and deal in fertile hatching eggs as well as the occasional full grown pair. For bio-security reasons, all wishing to visit the birds must make arrangements ahead of time. Since we are often outside pampering our birds, email is the best way to reach us with any questions or orders.

If you aren't interested in birds, we also sell woven belts, looms, soaps, and other natural beauty products.

Listing last updated on Apr 3, 2010

Quail Chickens Ducks Turkeys

Fiber goods Soap & Beauty

Schedule and Location:

We are on Farmington Road, just a quarter mile or so from County Road 50. If the stand is up, we are open.

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The birds are all extremely well cared for and they offer great products. Lovely crafts as well. An excellent organic provider of eggs and meat.

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