Gods Blessing Farm

Gods Blessing Farm is a working farm raising gourmet & heirloom vegetables, a small fruit orchard & vineyard. We have a few different breeds of chickens, such as Belgian D'uccles, Buckeyes & Cornish so we usually have farm fresh eggs available from free range naturally fed chickens. We raise Rare Heritage American Blue meat rabbits. We are also breeding highly productive Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that are tested on a DHI program. We choose this breed of dairy goats to work with for their extremly high butterfat content which is best for making cheese, ice creams & other wonderful foods. They are small in size but have a high output of milk if breed from the right milk lines. In my experience with goats the Nigerian Dwarf can output just as much milk as some full size goats with much less food while taking up much less space. They have also been approved as pets in many cities making them a great choice for 'urban homesteads'. I am a Licensed Esthetician and also have a Goat Milk Skin care line using their wonderful milk. We also raise Myotonic (fainting) goat for meat goats. Myotonic goats give a higher meat to bone ratio, are easy to handle and do not challenge fences due to their condition.


Listing last updated on Mar 15, 2012

Raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats on DHIA testing, heirloom and gourmet vegetables, free range eggs, heritage American Blue meat rabbits, Myotonic meat goats. We offer eggs for sale, possible CSA milk shares, in season heirloom vegetables, we sale productive Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We also offer recycled animal feed bag accessories and handbags made on the farm and a GOAT Milk skin care system developed by the farm owner, who is also a Licensed Esthetician.

Season:  April through September

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

Full Share:  8/week for half gallon with 12 week minimum

Work Req?  No

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