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At Gold Coast Meats we raise all-natural, free range chicken and seasonal turkey. They are never fed hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. They are raised in a large,open moveable shelter on a permanent pasture where they are allowed to walk around, peck at the grass and dirt, lay in the sun, and just be chickens. The chickens and turkeys are processed at a local state and federal inspected plant. We sell at local farmer's markets and at Nature's Touch Nursery and Harvest in Templeton, CA. Gold Coast Meats is also half of Gold Coast Dorpers. We run approximately 200 head of White Dorper Sheep. We sell crossbreds, purebreds, and fullblood White Dorpers. These sheep are very docile which makes them great for herding and just having around to graze all the weeds. Our Dorper lamb is also sold at Farmer's Markets and at Nature's Touch in Templeton. The lamb has a nice mild flavor and our customers go crazy for it!

Listing last updated on Nov 26, 2008

Homegrown, all natural, pasture raised chicken, turkey, and lamb

Schedule and Location:

Saturday- Templeton, CA 9am-12:30pm
Nature's Touch Nursery and Harvest- Templeton, CA. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm/ Sat 9-2

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