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We are meticulous in the care and wellbeing of our chickens and what we feed them. We love our hens and are very careful to keep just the right number of chickens with easy going non-dominating personalities. This ensures there isn't any overcrowding or chicken bullying, which leads to fights, feather pecking, stress, disease, illness, and countless other problems including death. Clean, comfortable, humane living keeps our chicken's happy and healthy year around.

Our chickens live free range on 10 acres of grassy fields with lots of trees. There is a large courtyard equipped with two wood burning stoves to keep them warm in the winter and a large chicken house that provides shelter and a nesting area. Because our chickens are free range their eggs are nutritionally superior to an egg laid by chickens who are raised in a coop or a commercial laying facility. A 2007 study showed that chickens raised in a pasture with access to fresh greens packed more nutrition and less cholesterol and saturated fat in their eggs than chickens raised otherwise. The Nutrition break down of our eggs are one-third less cholesterol, one quarter less saturated fat, two-thirds more vitamin A, two times more omega- 3 fatty acids than eggs laid by chickens raised in a coop or cage.

What a difference! You can tell the moment you break the shell on our eggs that the yolk is a deep golden (hence golden eggs) that is the color of superior nutrition. To ensure our chickens are not lacking any nutrients by being primarily grass fed we give our chickens a specialty made feed that comes from central California. It is made in small batches using only high quality ingredients. This feed is all natural, free of hormones and chemicals and consists of whole seeds, whole grains, oyster shells and other natural vitamins and minerals. We choose this food because most commercial chicken feed is processed and includes very questionable ingredients such as coccidiostats, antibiotics, and other chemicals, As well as preservatives and mold inhibitors to maintain food storage life. Yuck! Feel safe serving your family our eggs knowing nothing unnatural is going into our chickens bodies.

Last but not least the taste and quality of our eggs is phenomenal. Have you ever tasted an egg just laid by a chicken living the chicken dream and being fed an all-natural complete diet?Its a taste that we can barely describe. Forget having to add butter, or salt. The flavor of our eggs is rich and buttery with a creaminess that makes you think you're eating something fatty and unhealthy. So indulge in something so good tasting and healthy your taste buds as well as your body will thank you!


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We provide eggs to the community that are superior in freshness, quality, nutrition, and taste to a common egg. We make sure our chickens and their eggs are all natural, free of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals.

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you can call to pick up

Schedule and Location:

kind of roadside our eggs are sold by the dozen at plant it nursery

Our egg are sold at Plant It Nursery in gardnerville nv.

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