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GOLDENROD Tea- Bulk DRIED HERB-Immune boosting-foil packed for freshness

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Culinary uses of Goldenrod: Goldenrods leaves and flowers can be used in the preparation of salads, it's tasty leaves cooked like spinach. External uses of Goldenrod: A tea made of Goldenrod is used to apply externally for the relief of Rheumatism and headaches. It's leaves or flowers as a poultice stops external bleeding. Goldenrod Medicinal Parts Used: Leaves, Flowers

Medicinal Properties of Goldenrod: Goldenrod has powerful immune boosting properties and is very ant-inflammatory and antiseptic, used also as a diuretic. Helps greatly in the relief of upper respiratory infections due to colds, flu or viruses aiding in running nose symptoms and mucus membrane buildup. Goldenrod is filled with bioflavonoids useful in strengthening veins and weak capillaries which makes it a good choice for varicose vein sufferers. It's anti-fungal properties makes it useful as a soothing, gentle douche which also eases colic and flatulence. As a tea, Goldenrod lowers blood pressure naturally, helps inflammation, muscle spasm and restless leg syndrome. The tea infusion is also used topically for the relief of arthritis symptoms, eczema and skin irritations

Goldenrod Tea Recipe: Steep 2 tsp dried herb in 8oz water for 10 minutes.

Goldenrod Cautions: Goldenrod should not be used internally if you have low blood pressure, are pregnant or breast feeding, or have kidney or heart function problems. Use caution if you are on high blood pressure medication and consult with a qualified physician bef

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