CSA:  Goldfinch Farm

Operates: June-November

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Jon and Beth Weaver-Kreider
(717) 252-3894

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Beth and Jon Weaver-Kreider have been operating the CSA since 2000. Members pick up their shares once a week, either at the farm, which is near Wrightsville and Sam Lewis State Park in York County, or at one of our York or Lancaster pick-up sites: 1) Temple Beth Israel, 2090 Hollywood Drive in York, 2) A member's residence in East York, 3) Lancaster Friends Meetinghouse, just off of Columbia Ave. or 4) East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church, Lancaster. Pick-up times at the farm are on Tuesday or Friday from 2-7 p.m., or Saturday morning from 9-12. Pick-up at Temple Beth Israel is Wednesday from 3:00-6:00. Pick-up at the Friends Meetinghouse is Wednesday from 3:00-6:00. Pick-up at East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church is Friday from 3:00-6:00. NOTE: Other pick-up spots are being added each year. Please see our website www.goldfinchfarm for the most up to date listing.

When you pick up your veggies at the farm, the produce is displayed on tables, much like at a farmers market, with signs telling you how much of that particular item you can take. You may take your entire share of each item, or you can take less or none of any item. There is also a swap table where you can exchange something you don't want for more of something that you do want.

Shares at the off-farm pick-up spots are boxed so that you can quickly and easily get your veggies. We usually have a "Swap Box" at each site so that you can trade out items from your box for something you might prefer more.

We email a newsletter every 2 weeks which contains recipes and news of the farm. Members who pick-up at the farm are encouraged to take some time to pick their own flower bouquets and herbs and to see what's growing in the fields. Members who pick up at the York or Lancaster sites may want to occasionally come to the farm to pick up their produce, or just to cut some flowers and herbs and spend some time on the farm.

Some members who live close to each other take turns picking up the shares. If you occasionally need to change your pick-up day because of a scheduling conflict, just let us know ahead of time. If you are going away on vacation you can have friends or family members pick up and enjoy your share that week. You could also pick up extra veggies the week prior to, or following, the week that you will be away.

People frequently ask how many people one share will feed. As you may imagine, this can be difficult to answer because people's diets vary greatly. We generally say that a share feeds 2 to 4 people with a mixed diet, or 1 to 2 vegetarians. Some families split a share with another family. One point to keep in mind is that you do not have to take more than you can use.

CSA Details

Season:  June through November

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  Non-Working Shares are $575/year. Working Shares (which require 8 hours of work) are $515/year. Either of these shares can be paid in 3 installments.

Work Req?  No

Farming Practices

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas

Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

Pick Up / Drop Off Points

A CSA member's residence on Greystone Road in east York  (Wed)
One of our CSA member's provides us with a nice space under their carport at this location on Greystone Road not far from the intersection of East Market St. and Edgewood Road (Route 24). Pick-up times are between 3 and 6 on Wednesdays.

East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church  (Fri)
The church is a red brick building at 432 East Chestnut Street (between Plum and Ann Streets) in Lancaster. We are set up under canopies in the parking lot behind the church. Members pick up their shares on Fridays between 3:00 and 6:00.

Contact: Jon Weaver-Kreider
432 East Chestnut Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

Friends Meetinghouse  (Wed)
Members pick up their shares once a week at the Lancaster Friends Meetinghouse on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 6:00. The meetinghouse is located on Tulane Terrace, just to the north of Columbia Avenue on the west side of Lancaster City. There is a Bruster's Ice Cream shop at the intersection of Columbia Ave. and Tulane Terrace. After turning onto Tulane Terrace, you'll see the meetinghouse almost directly in front of you on the left. Enter the parking lot on the left-hand side of the building. ********* If you prefer, you can also get to the meetinghouse by turning off of Columbia Ave. onto Yale Ave. (two streets east of Tulane Terrace) where there is a traffic light. From Yale Ave. take the first left onto Wilson Ave. and go 2 blocks to the meetinghouse.

Contact: Jonathan Weaver-Kreider
110 Tulane Terrace
Lancaster, PA 17603

Goldfinch Farm  (Tue Fri Sat)
Members have a choice of three pick-up days at Goldfinch Farm: Tuesdays from 2-7, Fridays from 2-7, or Saturday mornings from 9-12. The farm is south of Hellam and Wrightsville, near Sam Lewis State Park. * * Directions from York: * * Follow Route 462 east through Hellam. Pass the Red Rose Restaurant on the right and in about 1/4 mile turn right onto Ducktown Road. Follow Ducktown Road up the hill to the stop sign. Turn right at the stop sign and then take an immediate left onto Schmuck Road. Go about 1/2 mile down the hill to Goldfinch Farm on the left. * * Directions from Lancaster County: * * Travel west on Route 462 (Columbia Ave.) through Columbia and cross the Susquehanna River on the beautiful old bridge. After crossing the brigde you enter Wrightsville. At the second traffic light turn left onto Cool Creek Road. Follow Cool Creek Road (staying in the right lane) to the top of the hill and turn right onto Mt. Pisgah Road (you'll see a sign pointing to Sam Lewis State Park). Travel west on Mt. Pisgah Road for about 1.7 miles to Schmuck Road on the left. Turn left on Schmuck Road and travel about 1/2 mile down the hill to Goldfinch Farm on the left.

Contact: Beth Weaver-Kreider
1027 Schmuck Rd.
York, PA 17406

Temple Beth Israel, York  (Wed)
Members pick up their boxed shares at Temple Beth Israel, 2090 Hollywood Drive, in York, on Wednesdays between 3 and 6 p.m.

Contact: Beth Weaver-Kreider
Phone: 252-3894
2090 Hollywood Drive
York, PA 17403