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We GROW it. We GRIND it. You get it FRESH! From heirloom grain & non-gmo corn to rye & whole wheat, our flours have exceptional baking qualities & superior nutrition. Gluten Sensitivities? Our heirloom Red Fife wheat flour is light & delicate and can be enjoyed by many who suffer from gluten intolerance. We have bulk grains & delicious mixes that will have you eating healthy whole grains everyday! To ensure you get the freshest, most nutritious flour possible, we grind only after you place an order. Our fresh flour has superior nutrition, delicious taste & texture, and exceptional baking qualities. Our products include heirloom Red Fife whole wheat flour, stone ground whole wheat flour, unenriched & unbromated all-purpose wheat flour, delicious baking mixes, cornmeal & bulk flours and grains. Our baking mixes will have you eating healthy whole grains everyday! Call, email, or visit our website! Custom orders welcomed.

2013 Free-Range and Organic Meat! Reserve your chicken & pork before they are gone! Whole chickens weighing between 3.5 to 5.5 lbs at $3.70 per lb. We are working on a local source for feed for the 2013 season and hope the price will drop to $3.60/lb. organic chicken feed & are outside every day pecking grass and scratching in the dirt. Processed at our local butcher shop, Vernon Center Market. Will be ready July 2013.

PORK: Berkshire-mix heritage breed. Known for it's excellent lean and flavorful meat. Fed our homegrown organic wheat and organic roasted soybeans. Outside everyday rutting in the dirt, rolling in the mud, and munching on fresh wheat grass. Prices listed are based on our last group of pork we raised. The prices will not go up and if all goes well we may be able to drop the price about $0.10/lb. Will be ready in December 2013. Quarters: $5.50/lb Half: $5.25/lb Whole: $5.00/lb. Visit our webpage to learn more.

PRE-ORDER SAVINGS: Chickens: Order 5 or more and save $0.10/lb Pork:Refer a friend are save an additional $0.10/lb!


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Gluten Intolerant? change your wheat, not your life

Long before gluten intolerance there was Red Fife wheat, grown and milled for exceptional flavor and unparalleled baking qualities. Red Fife wheat flour can be enjoyed by many who suffer from gluten sensitivities.

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Whole grain flours, delicious baking mixes, bulk grains for grinding, and more!

Schedule and Location:

Saturday's from 8am-noon at the Mankato Farmer's Market located in the Madison East parking lot.

We wholesale freshly ground stone milled whole wheat flour. We grind the flour only after we receive an order to ensure you get the freshest most nutritious flour possible. We wholesale in easy to handle 10 pound 100% biodegradable packages. We keep the flour refrigerated until delivery to maintain superior nutrition and exceptional baking qualities.
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