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Solid, moist, white Albacore hand packed in BPA Free pouches and cooked once to seal in and maintain all the healthy Omega-3 oils and natural flavor. We never add water, broth, oils or preservative. And if you prefer no salt, just order unsalted, same great quality but without the added salt.

Our Northwest Albacore are caught one at a time with hook and line. Never a net or longline so our product is 100% dolphin safe. When a fish comes aboard the GOOD NEWS, it is immediately prepared and packed for the trip to your pantry. The fishing vessel GOOD NEWS is a very fast, small boat, allowing us to make day trips instead of the usual 3-10 days most boats spend on the water.

Listing last updated on Apr 10, 2014

Sustainable and responsible

Solid White Albacore Tuna - 6 Pack
6 packages of 8oz, each canned in a flexible pouch. Shelf stable, no refrigeration required, contains no BPA. Expires 7/11/2017


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