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Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch is a ranch owned by Frank Reese a 4th generation Kansas farmer. Raising and selling poultry to his friends and neighbors for fifty years. Frank has strived to keep quality strains of poultry and waterfowl true old heritage breeds. Those breeds we have called standard-bred for over a 100 years. Currently Frank and his farmers are working to stablilize and produce, for market consumption, the qualilty farm poutlry of the past. That poultry is now available for your dinning experience. All chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys at Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch are of true heritage traditional breeds.

The lineage of our birds is evident from the first taste. The Bronze, (The well known original Thanksgiving Turkey) Narragansett, Bourbon Red, White Holland and Black Turkeys go back over 100 years. While the Toulouse and Embden's lines date back to (the original Christmas goose)200 years, as well as the Rouen and Alysbury duck. Our Barred Plymouth Rock (Grandma's favorite) and Cornish Chicken represent 150 years of heritage or more.

These birds are unique in that they are more than free-ranged; they have pastures green with grass to liberally roam naturally foraging. At night, the chickens and turkeys have areas to roost on. They never have to sleep on the ground, nor do we clip wings, beaks or cut toenail. All the birds are raised humanely, as you would expect. We are proud of that fact.


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Authenitc Heritage Turkeys, Chickens and Waterfowl. All Natural Mating, Fed a vegetable diet, Free-Ranged on Green Pastures, All hatched and bred here on our farm, No Antibotics or Growth Stimulants used.

We are members of National Turkey Federation, American Poultry Association, International Waterfowl Breeders, All American Turkey Growers Association, Animal Welfare Institute, and American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

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