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Goodness Grows Farm strives to provide top quality breeding stock for those starting their own herd, improving an existing herd, and supplying product for the goat, poultry and rabbit meat industries. We strive to buy and produce quality, Pennsylvania raised, meat animals that are easily maintained and profitable through a direct, on-farm marketing approach. This requires a lot of interaction with customers, which is why many farmers are hesitant to get involved with direct on-farm sales. However, at Goodness Grows Farm, we've discovered it's also a great chance to meet new people and learn about different cultures. Direct on-farm marketing refers to three scenarios at Goodness Grows Farm,

1) a private buyer wishes to purchase an animal for breeding or show purposes from Goodness Grows Farm, purchases said animal and takes over the care of that animal,

2) a private buyer planning to consume the animal themselves purchases from Goodness Grows Farm and the buyer makes arrangements for slaughter elsewhere, and

3) a consumer contacts us directly to arrange delivery of an animal to a butcher without necessarily laying eyes on said animal.

We have a variety of quality breeding stock on our 40 acre farm located in Western Pennsylvania. We offer a variety of full and percentage Boer goats for sale and we have introduced other meat breeds into our herd, such as Mexican Meat goats, Myotonic (also known as Fainting goats) Angora goats, and even dairy breeds to produce better quality meat. We take great pride in combining innovative farming technology with good old fashioned common sense. These techniques have helped us to maintain the integrity of our land, leaving us with thick, lush forest and verdant pasture allowing our goats to forage freely with our rotational grazing practices. Our farmland is abundant with vegetation that delights the palate of the goat.

Our breeding practices do not revolve around paper genetics.We breed to improve the health and meat producing capacity of our herd.  We breed our pure bred and high percentage Boers in July to provide stock for show needs and the remainder of our commercial herd is bred throughout the year to supply the demand of the goat meat industry. We maintain a heated birthing facility which has improved mortality rates and also provides a comfortable and stress free environment for our does. Both the does and their kids remain in the birthing facility until a strong bond has been established.

Often times Farmers have a product they wish to sell, but may not be interested in dealing with direct farm sales, or they do not have the market in their area to sell their goods. We are able to work with those farmers to get the product to the consumer. We have contacts in a three state radius who are ethical, responsible stewards of their land and their animals whom we have partnered up with to help market and distribute their products. This has been an especially popular service for consumers looking for unusual product such as elk, bison, heritage breed meats, and meats fed specific diets for the consumers dietary needs, such as soy-free chicken, corn fed beef, etc.


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Schedule and Location:

Year round. Call Erik at 724-316-4175 to discuss your needs.

Schedule and Location:

Contact Erik at 724-316-4175

Contact Erik at 724-316-4175 to discuss your wholesale needs.

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