Goods From The Woods - A Wild Crops Farm

Salem, Missouri
Family Farm

Goods From The Woods - A Wild Crops Farm

Wild crops - pinyon pine nuts, kernels, seasonis, hickory nuts, witch hazel hydrosol and distillate, elderflower water, yarrow hydrosol, passion flower, new jersey tea and other native botanicals natural and organic farm direct for health and beauty. witch hazel freshly harvested and quickly steam distilled . the real deal - alcohol free witch hazel we have seasonal wild hickory nuts harvested from our farm in the ozarks, shell bark and shag bark, shelled and unshelled

Listing last updated on Dec 31, 2014

Wild crop pine nuts kernels, pinyon nuts,organic hickory nuts, walnuts, pinyon nuts witch hazel waters , 100% pure witch hazel no alcohol or additives. Prepared the old fashion way, lab tested (we are very proud of our purity) , yarrow, elder, wild plum flowers, wild crop teas. hand harvested, slow dried. superior quality botanicals direct from our farm. we work in two different ecosystems with wild harvests, and are a leader in wild harvest values and protection

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I was very excited to try your products. Ordered October 7 th. A week later I got an email saying items were shipped, yet still nothing and it is Nov 3rd.... [more]

I'm on my third order of Witch Hazel from Goods from the Woods. It is fantastic! I use Witch Hazel for a variety of things such as adding it to my bath water, for cuts and bruises, etc.... [more]

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