Goose Eggs Fresh

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Goose Eggs Fresh

Fresh Goose eggs packed 2 from heritage free range geese

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Fresh Goose eggs from a flock of Dewlap Toulouse, Pilgrim, Sebestol Geese free range enjoying life on Lake Meadow. They also eat freshly shelled corn as a treat every night. Eggs can be used as 4 large chicken eggs and the shells are also used for arts and crafts. . We do have a limited supply of these this time of year, Please check on availability, will have many more as time goes on and new ones grow up. each egg is hand washed hand wrapped in paper in a special goose egg carton to arrive at you safely thank you

Local farm in Ocoee Florida producing eggs from heritage chickens and ducks. Our chickens and ducks live on Lake Meadow right here in Central Florida and eat grass and exercise in the green pasture. they live on a multi grain diet of wheat corn, soybeans, millet and various whole grain seeds to produce the great tasting eggs from Happy hens

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