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GopherBoy Farms is small hobby egg farm where the chickens live their lives here as pets, not livestock. Our flock started out as 25-day-old chicks and we now have 3rd generations hatching spring 2009. The health and welfare of our chickens is of the utmost importance - our birds live quality lives and are humanely, lovingly and respectfully raised and cared for their entire lives. Our flock has a LARGE secure coop to sleep in at night, and during the day they have freedom to free- range our whole yard (almost an acre) the entire day. There is a substantial difference free ranging makes in egg quality and nutrition and taste. Whites are not runny and yolks are firm and a rich dark orangish color. And taste utterly delicious, a rich flavor simply unparalleled by store bought eggs. Our chickens are not fed chemicals or hormones; they simply live as nature intended enjoying foraging in the yard, getting plenty of grass and bugs, the occasional table scraps, plenty of fresh water and attention. Our flock enjoys a spoiled, happy, healthy, secure life so they can produce wonderful eggs. We collect white, light brown, dark brown, green, blue, cream, and tan eggs twice a day sell them for $3.00 a dozen. From time to time we do have chicks available for sale.


Listing last updated on Jul 31, 2009

Happy Chickens Lay Happy Eggs!


Give us a call, come by to get your eggs, and if you like, you can thank the chickens before you leave. (They all have names, and most love to have company)

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Please give us a call and make sure we are home and have eggs ready for you!
We would welcome a few more regular customers!

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