Gordon Farmer's Market Association

Gordon, Nebraska
Farmers Market

Gordon Farmer's Market Association

The mission of the Gordon Farmer’s Market Association is to provide educational, business support and market resources for farmers/growers in the Gordon, Nebraska trade area.

The Purposes of the Gordon Farmers Market Association are: -- To provide farmers a venue where vendors can sell directly to the consumer. -- To provide consumers a venue where they can talk directly with the grower and to receive the freshest produce possible. -- To provide local craftsmen a venue where they can sell outlet of their hand made products. -- To encourage and assist young people to learn sound agricultural and business practices. -- To develop sources of marketing, management, and agricultural information for its members and community.

Listing last updated on Mar 14, 2008

Schedule and Location:

Dates: June 21 through September 27
Times: 7:45a.m. to 1:00p.m.

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