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We are a small, family run farm in Libby, MT that raises dairy goats for milking and chevon/cabrito(meat) that is humanely raised on local grasses and our chemical-free pasture. They get grain from a local mill in Bonner's Ferry, ID at milking time. We use no hormones and only use antibiotics if necessary. We have Saanens, Nubians, and Toggenburgs. We also raise free range chickens that are available for purchase if you want fresh eggs in your own backyard. Many municipalities are now allowing for this wonderful, delicious pastime! We are considering having cheesemaking classes if there is enough interest. Our goal is to promote the goat as the ideal homestead dairy animal and one goat should provide adequately for a family of four. So, come check out goats

We welcome visitors and ask that you call ahead for directions and to make sure we are home to meet you. Spring time is a favorite for playing and bottle feeding the goat kids. Tours for chools and organizations are available. We attend the Libby Farmer's Market on thurdsday's (June to October) with our goats and Amy's Just "Bead"-tween Friends handmade custom fashion jewelry w/ an earthy flair.

Got goat milk?!?!?!?! We do and so can you. "Google" the benefits of raw goat milk or look on "YouTube" and you will see how healthy it is. Even Dr. Z recommended it on Oprah, so we hear. If you raise your own dairy animal, you can choose not to pasteurize and homogenize for your gut and heart health. In Montana and in many other states you can only buy raw milk from a Grade A dairy, so we have to raise our own. You can too! Goats are like dogs--the need good fencing and are very entertaining, they just eat different food!! If you know how to keep deer out, then you can keep goats in!! Happy trails! May they lead you to your local farmer!


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GRANITE LAKE GOATS: Pasture/grass fed dairy goats, free range chickens. Limited local grain and chemical free minerals. Located in Libby, MT. Visit us to see how you can become more self sufficient and raise healthy food for you and your family. You don't need a lot of space to house a few animals and these are two of the most entertaining animals to enjoy!

Schedule and Location:

Libby, MT at the Chamber of Commerce parking lot. Corner of Hwy 2 and Education Way. Thursdays 1-6pm

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