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No one knows exactly how grapefruit got started, but apparently it was in Barbados, when a natural cross between an orange and a pommelo produced the first "citrus paradisi", as it was first named. It was a Jamaican farmer who gave it the name of grapefruit because of its habit of growing in large, yellow grapelike clusters. From there it made its way to Florida where at first the fruit wasn't much appreciated by the locals, but rather by winter visitors from the northern states. Eventually grapefruit made its way to Texas where the red varieties were bred and improved, eventually becoming the official State fruit of Texas.

TGrapfruit varieties are classified according to the color of the pulp, from yellow to pink to red. The red pigment is due to lycopene which is considered an anti-cancer agent. All varieties are rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C, and are believed to have fat burning properties. How to eat grapefruit? Halved, plain or grilled, sprinkled with brown sugar, flaked almonds or coconut; in segments, with some sliced apple, spinach, mint and topped with roasted hazelnuts. In juice and sorbets or used in making a real English marmalade.

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