Grass-Fed Half Beef

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Grass-Fed Half Beef

1/2 Grass-Fed Beef, about 200 pounds (10 cubic ft) for your freezer, custom raised for you. Custom Cut and Vacuum Packed.

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Real Beef the way nature intended it to be, 100% Grass-Fed. Dry aged, full of flavor and nutritionally dense, Cognito Farm Grass-Fed Beef is superior to factory-farmed supermarket beef.

Because properly finishing our Grass-Fed Beef depends on the availability of lush grasses, Cognito Farm Beef is usually available seasonally from September to October. We contact you when you place your order to learn how to cut and package your steaks, roasts, hamburger etc., and we let you know when and where your beef will be ready for pick up.

Cognito Farm beeves are raised humanely on open pastures without hormones or antibiotics. During the grass growing season we use an intensely managed rotational grazing system that supplies fresh pasture each day to avoid exposure to seasonal parasites and pests. By not grazing the same pasture areas again without a minimum 3-week rest period we break the parasite cycle without need for chemical wormers and treatments.

During the times of the year when our natural grass pastures are not growing, we plant annual forages for grazing and supplement the diet of our herd with hay that is cut on our farm. Intense rotational grazing allows us to build the soil in our pastures with the more uniform spreading of manure and urine, and the concentrated hoof action aerating and pushing organic matter into the soil. By building the soil naturally, we are able to harvest our hay without use of chemical fertilizers.

Cognito Farm sells naturally grown local food for farm or local farmers market pick up only. Our commitment is to to local and sustainable agriculture, so we do not ship our products.

Our goal is to provide humanely raised, safe and clean food free of hormones, antibiotics or other un-natural additives. Although we are not certified organic producers, we strive to go beyond organic production standards to ensure only the most nutritious and eco-friendly foods.

Cognito Farm "Naturally Fresh!"