Grass-Fed Natural Lamb Custom Processed

Amherst, Ohio
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Grass-Fed Natural Lamb Custom Processed

Grass-fed lamb is naturally healthier than grain-fed meat, and many note a wonderful earthy flavor difference as well. Grazing animals have more omega-3s because they get the omega-3s directly from the grass. Products from grassfed animals offer us more than omega-3s. They contain significant amounts of two "good" fats, monounsaturated oils and stearic acid, but no manmade trans-fatty acids. They are also the richest known natural source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and contain extra amounts of vitamin E and beta-carotene. Finally, grassfed meat is lower than feedlot meat in total fat and calories, making it ideally suited for our sedentary lifestyles.

Listing last updated on Mar 14, 2012

We humanely raise free-range grass-fed Katahdin sheep on our farm in Northern Ohio. Our flock gives birth each Spring out on the sunny green fields of our farm. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides on our pastures and rotationally graze our flock to keep the land fertilized and healthy. When you order your lamb, we will get it professionally processed at a local state-certified meat market--Cut to your specifications. If a whole lamb is too much for you, have a friend buy half.

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