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GrassRoots Pork Company is located on a 100 acre farm in beautiful Eastern North Carolina. Our hogs make their home in rural southeastern Duplin County in the community of Cedar Fork. We are conveniently located off of NC Hwy. 24 East, a few miles outside the town of Beulaville and on the way to Camp Lejuene and Topsail Beaches. Owners, Jeremiah and Jessica Jones purchased several heirloom breeds of hogs in 2004 and have been growing ever since! We adhere to the Animal Welfare Institute guidelines for animal husbandry and are a Global Animal Partnership Step 4 Rated farm. Additionally,we are a part of Goodness Grows in North Carolina and the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association. Jeremiah has certification in Pork Quality Assurance and Truckers Quality Assurance. GrassRoots Pork Company derives its name from the vision that Americans recall the days when hogs were raised on the ground, on grass and in the woods and that they crave getting back to these roots when pork had a robust, juicy and home grown, wholesome flavor. Our farm breeding stock is composed of heirloom Duroc, Berkshire, Yorkshire and Chester White. Our hogs enjoy rooting and wallowing on outdoor pastures. Depending on the time of year, our hogs have full access to grass fields, corn fields and woodlands. We provide shelter from the elements in each of our pastures including farrowing units which include heat lamps and bedding. Most of our shelters are made from recycled metal grain bins though some are wood structures. Our hogs have full access to well water troughs and are either fed by hand daily or have access to constant feeders. All of our feed is made on site with our own field corn we raise and then supplemented with purchased soybean meal and other vital nutrients and minerals. We strongly believe that in order to achieve a full-flavored piece of pork, our hogs must be grown where they are able to roam and freely access the elements of nature. Additionally, we do not supplement any feed with growth promotants, hormones, animal byproducts or antibiotics for this same reason. On occasion, animals like humans do become sick and thus require treatment. Our goal is to make each hog as comfortable as possible and so we choose to treat the sick, remove them from normal population and once they are no longer ill, we transport them to cull markets. Our most flavorful, tender and juicy cuts are our ham steaks, tenderloins and pork chops. Due to its versatility, sausage is one of our most popular products thus far. If you have not yet tried a ham steak, you are in for a pleasant surprise. We feel so strongly about this that we believe you may never crave a beef ribeye or t-bone steak again! We currently use Acre Station Meats in Pinetown, NC for the processing of our meats. Our pork is available in Whole Foods Grocery stores in the Piedmont area of North Carolina as well.


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About Jessica and Jeremiah: Jeremiah possesses 5 Associate degrees in agriculture from North Carolina State University while Jessica has a Bachelor degree in production agriculture. Jeremiah has been farming with his family since a young boy and loves every minute of it. Recently, he helped form the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association which he is currently acting President.

Schedule and Location:

You are always welcome to stop by our house and pick up products!

Schedule and Location:

Our pork products are available for sale at the Bulk and More Store in Beulaville. Stop by sometime!

Our products are also available through Eastern Carolina Food Ventures, Farm Fresh Market that can be found at

Here, you can order and pay for your products and they will deliver to a dropoff point near you. They service the southeastern part of NC, specifically the coastal and inner coastal counties.

We currently sell most of our pork to Whole Foods stores in Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill. Please visit these stores for more value added produts.

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