Grayson Natural Foods is a group of local farmers raising beef naturally on family farms in Grayson County, Virginia. Beginning with six farmers producing beef, Grayson Natural Foods will be expanding its "inventory" to include other meats, poultry and produce.

Raising beef without the use of growth hormones, implants or steroids, in pastures produces flavorful meat that is lower in fat and higher in beneficial CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid) - good for your health!

Our selection of steaks, filets, roasts and steakburgers get ther flavor and mouth-watering tenderness the natural way - from cattle that are handled humanely and grazed on mountain pastures. This takes a little longer, but it allows the cattle to develop the way nature intended.

Listing last updated on Apr 18, 2008

Grayson Natural Foods - Better taste the natural way!

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I grew up eating grass-fed beef in Grayson County, Virginia. It is like none other I have had anywhere in the world. Highly recommend this product.

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