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We offer soy-free eggs from heritage hens ranging unhampered across acres of meadows and forest. We feed local, certified organic feed whenever available as well as Fertrell's cold-processed fishmeal for extra protein to the layers. We encourage our hens to raise their own chicks and supplement them with free choice kelp and assorted minerals. Details are on our website.

We also offer soy-free, pastured, heritage pork freezer boxes for pre-order. Please see our website for current prices. We take extra care with our animals that their lives may be as happy and natural as possible. Unlike most farmers, we use anesthesia for all medical procedures such as castration, if they can't be avoided all together.

We are growing our herds of 100% pastured beef cows and forage raised goats and hope to have product available from them in the future.

We also offer holistic horse boarding based on the paddock paradise concept which mimics how wild horses live: running as a herd on paths over varied terrain.


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Here are Grazy Days, we are two families raising our young children and reclaiming this land under our stewardship from conventional management. We are endeavoring to grow a vibrant, diverse, permaculture-oriented, family-friendly, profitable, sustainable enterprise that produces maximally nutritious food for our families and others. Our focus is on restoring the soil and the ecosystem so that all the people and critters can glow with health.

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Please contact us to arrange pick-up at our farm.

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