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Castle Street Saturday

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I look forward to every Saturday morning for a renewaal of why I wanted to live in the Berkshires {which I have for the past forty years} It is my special market place with tyhe added satisfaction of supporting my neighbors.... [more]

Where else can I go to sample fabulous tastings of great food made with produce I can buy within 10 paces? Where else do farmer's come together with consumers to discuss weather, soil conditions and just what to do with that huge yellow cauliflower? Where else do kids get to see the people who grow dinner for them and thank them with enthusiasm for kholrabi? How about the old ladies seeking celeriac or the pushy New Yorker hunting arugala or the sweet fruit growers who's daughters have taken over the market stand? The community who gathers at our GB market are a mixed bag of local and far flung, all supporting a fine web of activity that noursishes our bodies, the earth and our souls. Why would I shop anywhere else?

I support the Great Barrington Farmers Market for many reasons. First and foremost is because over the years I've become friends with most of the vendors.... [more]

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