Great Lakes Honey

Great Lakes Honey is dedicated to providing fresh honey in it's healthiest form, Raw. Isn't this the way God intended for us to consume it? We run our honey through a multiple stage straining process, yet never heat it, therefore it retains it's natural properties of enzymes and native pollen particles.

Our honeybees produce honey for us to harvest in many forms, including cut comb, chunk comb, and liquid. We take the honey in these forms and produce other fine products from it, including creamed honey, cinnamon creamed honey, Bavarian creamed honey, honey butter, nutt'n honey, and many others.

Some of our customers include: Mead makers, nutritionists, health food customers, and families that desire Raw Honey for the healthy properties it contains.

Listing last updated on May 9, 2012

Fresh Raw Honey, Cut Comb, Chunk Comb, Creamed Honey, Honey Butter, Nutt'n Honey.

Schedule and Location:

Open 7 days a week, as long as supply lasts.
Call ahead, as we tend to multiple apiary locations spread all over the state, and we can make arrangements to be home or meet you amongst our travels... 248-343-6140.

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This is a great company with deicious products....My personal favorite their honey butter i have tried the regular and cinnamon and both were very good .... [more]

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