Greek Oregano Seed - Heirloom, Perennial

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Greek Oregano Seed - Heirloom, Perennial

Add some SPICE to your life....and your food....and your vinegar.....and your olive oil..... Fresh seed for 2015 now available

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This is the "common" Greek Oregano, grown for both culinary and medicinal usage. Oregano is native to the Mediterranean, and is extremely easy to grow in most of the United States. It is considered a hardy perennial herb, but special care should be taken to protect it during the winter in areas of the US with harsh winters. It will spread (this is actually a member of the mint family) by root "runners" and also profusely produces seed.

Oregano is suitable for containers, and can be very easily grown indoors as a kitchen plant. It makes a nice fragrant houseplant! Oregano is best used fresh before it flowers. Just pinch a few leaves and add to your favorite recipes.
Direct sow in your garden or containers after all danger of frost has passed. Once established, does not require any special care other than not letting them completely dry out if they are in containers.

It is also very easy to dry for use year round; can also be frozen but fresh or dried is best. This seed was Peacefully Homegrown in USDA Zone 7b, using organic methods.

One pack = minimum 100 fresh viable seed, produced for 2015 Growing season
Happy Gardening!!
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