Green Acres Family Farm

We are a small farmlet that mainly grows food for our own family but, in doing so, we often have an overflow of products. We feed and finish our herbivores on pasture and raise our omnivores on pasture with non-medicated, non-gmo/non-soy free-choice feed. We grow all our food naturally. We do not use any chemical herbicides or pesticides. We practice composting and pasture rotation to keep our pastures/soil healthy and believe in farming a variety of animals so one species "helps" the other. Check out our website to see the current items available. We are open every Saturday (by appt.) for pick-up at the farm. Call ahead to ensure we have what you are looking for. Or, e-mail us and ask to be included on our notification list. Thank you for supporting local farmers!

Items available include (but not limited to):

  • Eggs (season commitment from Apr-Sept)
  • Herbs (various times)
  • Horse Manure for compost/gardens-bagged in 50lb sacks for easy transport
  • Pigs (avail. in March)
  • White Blooming Iris Pond/Water Garden Plants (spring and fall months)
  • Sheep (live - you can process for meat or keep for pasture/pet)
  • Sheep Herd Shares (incl. milk Feb-Sept)
  • Soap (made naturally w/ rain water, herbs & essences-select from current batches or request a custom batch)
  • Vanilla Extract (all natural - avail. year round)
  • Pine cones (Fall/Winter months)
  • Cedar Mulch (year round-bagged in 50lb sacks)
  • more...

    Listing last updated on Sep 4, 2014

    Avail. as of Sept 2014: -vanilla extract -soap -home made bread/noodles -pigs (will start taking deposits Nov. 2014) -lamb (will start taking deposits March of 2015-avail. fall, 2015) -chicken (next avail. Jan. of 2015 - order anytime)

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    We've been getting eggs from Sandra and family for most of the year. Eggs are pastured (you can see them from the road) and are always delicious. She also has very good pricing on whole chickens when they process them a few times a year and in the past has had similarly good pricing on pork.... [more]

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