Green Acres Farm

We have gourmet grassfed beef ready for the freezer. All Natural Piedmontese Beef. Absolutely the best, tender lean beef that you will find.

The beef is USDA inspected, dry aged, vacuum packed and frozen.

Piedmontese cattle have unique genetics that produces beef that is very low in cholesterol and fat. The beef is lean, tender and delicious.

Green Acres Farm is a Tennessee century farm, owned and operated by the Carter family since 1803. We are UT certified Master Beef Producers and were selected 2008 Knox County Conservation farm of the year. We practice Holistic Grazing for excellent animal performance and sustainable farming.

Listing last updated on Aug 17, 2013

All Natural Beef, Grassfed beef Pasture Raised Beef Piedmontese Beef Lean Beef

Beef sold in bulk. USDA inspected, vacuum packed, freezer ready

Ground Beef available at Eddie's Health Shoppe.

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We are one of the families that split with the Manns, and just had the roast. I was surprised at how tender it was considering the leanness of the cut.... [more]

We just purchased 2 quarters and split them among 8 families. Everyone is really enjoying their share - we all received several select cuts as well as a host of ground beef.... [more]

What makes your beef so good was how tender it was and how much flavor it has. We could actually have cut the rib eye steaks with a fork! Anne Leach

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