Green Akeys Family Farm

We are a small, family run farm. We raise grass-fed and finished Katahdin lambs. They are a breed of hair sheep who shed their wool and are raised for meat only. Katahdin sheep are very mild in flavor, not gamey or "muttony" like some breeds and are smaller in size. One lamb will dress out at about 50 pounds which will yield about 35 pounds of meat.

Our lamb is available by the cut or by the whole animal. Price per pound is based upon the hanging weight of the lamb. Our lambs are $9.50 per pound for a whole lamb.

We never spray our pastures with herbicides or insecticides or fungicides. Our lambs are only treated for injury or illness based upon the recommendation of a vet. We strive for as low of an impact on the land and on the animal as possible.

Our motto isnt "you are what you eat" but YOU ARE WHAT THEY EAT!!! We dont want to eat antibiotic laden, hormone, stressed meats. You shouldnt want to either!

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Grass-fed Lamb and Eggs

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