Green Grass & Sunshine

My goal is to make the most wholesome, nutritious & consistent product possible with my animals. To me this starts with the genetic make up of the animals themselves. I breed for the healthiest most structurally-correct animals possible. Next for me is management; they are fed the highest quality pesticide/herbicide free alfalfa hay & grain that is GMO free and as organic as possible They have access to grass, browse, minerals & fresh clean water at all times They are checked daily for signs of any health issues that may arise. In addition to monthly inspections performed by the State of Idaho we participate in the Idaho Dairy Goat Improvement Program which monitors individual production I feel that the raw milk & chevre we produce is the healthy, nutritious & delicious!"

Listing last updated on Nov 1, 2010

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Thank you for producing an excellent whole food. I get ill and gain weight on commercial, heat-treated store milk...your raw milk and cheese is a true heavenly product.... [more]

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