We are currently based at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in Waynesboro, VA. While our property is not very accommodating at this time due to its size, we boast a 44 hole commercial rabbitry with 37 working does. Our rabbits are supplemented with locally produced pellets and hay in the winter as well as cow beets (or mangels). During the warm season we partner with a parent farm located in Greenville VA - Green Fence Farm.

The rabbits get all the fresh greens and produce they can handle courtesy of our great friends Nick and Kate. We are also producing Squab this year for the first year, raised on locally produced grain only a few miles down the road from our friends the Shipe family. It is our hopes to expand to a larger property in the next few years with continued support from our partners Nick and Kate of Green Fence Farm and members of our community.

Listing last updated on Nov 20, 2010

Fresh Rabbit And Squab!

Schedule and Location:

Mon-Sun 9am-9pm Call for appointment. 540-451-1060 Wholesale deliveries available.

Squab wholesale at $9ea minimum order 10 delivery or pickup. Delivery is $15 if not on our regular route.

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