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Our farm has been certified organic since 2007 for shiitake mushrooms, veggies, flowers, herbs and fruits. In 2009 we added certified organic chicken for meat and 100% grass-fed beef grown on certified organic pastures. We are a small farm which we run by ourselves with the help of occasional volunteers. We are certified organic by NOFA-NY, LLC for our 200 acres and 60 acres of leased pasture.

Most of our sales are made here at our "Farm Store" on the property or at the Williamsville Farmers Market in Buffalo. Shiitake mushrooms are available fresh in season or dried when the mushrooms are dormant. Our 100% Grass-fed beef is offered in whole, half, quarter, 50# assorted boxes or individual cuts from our freezers in our Farm Store or at the farmers market. See a price list on our website,

The shiitake are log grown, outdoor cultivated in our Hemlock grove. We have over 2000 logs in production. Some of our shiitake strains fruit with cold weather and some respond to soaking. It's quite the science project and our supplies fluctuate.

Our meat birds are pastured in chicken tractors that move twice a day to provide the chickens with bugs and fresh grass along with certified organic grains. Our cows are rotationally grazed and get moved to a fresh paddock every day when on pasture and fed quality balage through the winter. The steers we have are not certified organic since we buy them as yearlings. All of our cows are Red Devon crosses which are the best grass to meat converters and an excellent breed for grass-fed production.

We'd be pleased to supply you with local, clean, healthy food. Make contact soon!


Listing last updated on Mar 11, 2014

We steward a beautiful piece of land in the rolling Amish countryside of Chautauqua County. Besides the farm, we host the Great Blue Heron Music Festival each July and also Night Lights at the Heron, an eco-tourism attraction July into October. We also host The Great Rhythm Revival held on the first weened in August, so there are many reasons to come visit the farm.

Schedule and Location:

Williamsville Farmers Market, Buffalo, NY, August- October, Saturdays, 8am-12:30pm

Schedule and Location:

Direct sales on the farm, no actual stand at the road. Daily 8am-8pm. In wintertime we have 100% grass-fed beef, certified organic chicken, dried shiitake mushrooms and value added products like Shiitake Pate' and Shiitake Barley soup.

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We ordered a quarter cow last year, and also went and visited their farm during a NOFA sponsored field day. Their beef is grass fed in a way that's sustainable and actually builds up the earth instead of depleting it.... [more]

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