We are a small, sustainable farm in Western Asheville. Here we naturally grow our food and medicines from heirloom seeds passed down from generations. In the Appalachian mountains it is tradition to support our land and community. My family and I provide our community with local, Certified Naturally Grown, fruit and vegetables, fresh/dried herbs and salves/teas. We also reclaim old barnwood from tobacco farms no longer in use around Buncombe and the surrounding counties.

We sell our products at the Asheville City Market and the Yancey County Farmers Market every Saturday from April through December!

Support your local farmer. Lend a helping hand. Know where your food and medicine come from. Be aware of your enviroment, internally and externally.

Listing last updated on Jan 13, 2009

Schedule and Location:

Asheville City Market-Saturdays-8AM-1PM
Yancey County Farmer's Market-Saturdays-8:30AM-12:30PM

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99.9% of her ingredients are purchased from a catalog not grown on her "farm" as she would lead you to believe. Beware, this person blatently scams people out of their money all the while smug in her own self-importance.... [more]

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