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We are a family-owned and operated business, centered around natural and healthy farming practices. Our LAMBS are rotated to fresh pasture every 1-2 days to ensure adequate nutrition and a clean environment. We use no pesticides, hormones or antibiotics & we treat our animals kindly. NOV. 2013 Update: Our LAMB meat will be ready by the 2nd week of November.

Our CHICKENS (meat breed) are raised in floor-less pens. We move the chickens daily to fresh grass to give them nutrition and a clean place to rest. We feed them certified organic feed, thereby producing the healthiest chicken around. Please write by mid April to order your CHICKEN. We typically have chicken ready by mid summer. AUGUST 2013 update: We are out of Chicken until Spring 2014.

Our black New Zealand RABBITS are fed natural feed and our own grass and garden vegetables. New Zealands are considered top quality meat because of their small bone mass and higher meat content (more meat to bone ratio). Rabbit is a very tender meat and you can substitute it in virtually every chicken recipe. October 2013 UPDATE: We have a few rabbits weaned and ready to sell.


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Naturally-Raised Rabbits, and Pastured Lambs & Chicken

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We purchased a couple of pounds of ground lamb. It was lean, flavorful, and made for outstanding kefta (grilled ground lamb kabobs), served with freshly baked pita and a nice yogurt sauce.

Our family purchased 5 fresh chickens this past fall from Green Pastures Farm. This year instead of doing turkey for Thanksgiving, we decided to do chicken.... [more]

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