Green Wagon Farm

The Farmers: Head farmer Chad Anderson studied entrepreneurship at Baylor University in Texas. After graduating, he joined the Peace Corps to work with a dairy cooperative in Uganda. There he planted a garden as a way of connecting with the local people, returning home with a new appreciation for small-scale agriculture. After one season with Groundswell Farm in Zeeland, he was inspired to strike out on his own. In 2010, Green Wagon was born. Three years later, Heather joined the Green Wagon team, volunteering her handiwork, culinary skills, and passion for human health. Heather and Chad married in 2013. Together, and alongside a crew of farmhands, they eagerly welcome new ideas, redefining their vision to fit a changing world.

The Future: Since 2010 Green Wagon Farm has grown significantly in staff, acreage and production. With strong connections to West Michigan growers, chefs, grocers, and consumers, the future of the farm is ripe with possibility. Green Wagon lays plans for a tea garden, perennial fruits, and honeybees, dreaming of a day when relationships between farmers and consumers, pollinators and plants, and farms and ecosystems will be restored. Until then, Green Wagon is praying for the nourishment of mind, body, and spirit of all who partake in the harvest.

The CSA: This term or idea is central to the way we farm. It captures the importance of people and their connection to the food we grow. In its simplest expression, CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, designates a farm in which community members buy a �share� in the harvest at the beginning of the season; this revenue covers the operating costs of the farm. In return, members receive a share of the harvest each week during the growing season. Beyond the product itself, farms provide educational elements or offer other farm experiences to their members, in hopes to contribute not only a product, but also a sustainable service and a healthy, informed community.

The Produce: What makes food excellent? At Green Wagon we don�t believe it can be reduced to one factor such as taste or cost, but that it encompasses the whole process of bringing food from seed to table. A few of these factors include soil health, seed selection, weed and insect management, relationship with the farmer, product freshness, and informed food preparation.


Listing last updated on Jan 12, 2015

Located in Ada, Michigan and established in 2010, Green Wagon Farm is committed to high-quality, organically grown vegetables. It has grown from a roadside stand to a many-member CSA. Today, the farm is built on relationships with a supportive community of members, strong connections with local chefs, and a faithful customer base at the local market. Green Wagon grows unique and robust vegetables from June to December, committed to improving the health of its land and community.

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2010

# of Shares:  180

Full Share:  $500/year

1/2 Share:  $300/year pick-up every other week

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Fulton Street Farmers Market
Wednesday: 4PM-7PM
Saturday: 8AM-2PM

We wholesale everything that we grow. Please call Heather for more information.

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- great produce - great customer service

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