With a sharper focus on healthier lifestyles, organic foods are becoming more and more popular. People are now concerned with the quality of what they eat; they also have a deeper respect for the environment.

Green Zone introduces a cuisine derived from these concepts with creative technique and attention to great taste in a lively café style setting that caters to inspired individuals with vibrant lifestyles. We believe the highest quality meals come from the freshest ingredients, and through our choice of organic and natural ingredients whenever possible, we hope to connect our customers and staff through food -- the most basic of human needs.

And because we have a responsibility toward the protection of the environment, not only our food comes from nature... so does the packaging & utensils! We choose only biodegradable packaging products -- cold cups made out of corn, and hot containers and utensils made out of sugar cane which are 100% compostable. We buy 30% or more of our ingredients from small local farms.

Organic food are "IN"! They are healthier, less destructive to our environment, and exceptionally delicious. Once you have sampled our menu... We know you'll agree!


Listing last updated on Jan 3, 2007

We buy 30% or more of our ingredients from small local farms.

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