We raise certifed all natural hardneck garlic and dehyrate it into a powdered and minced form. Our galic has a taste of it's own, mild yet flavorful. It is great in soups, pizza, pasta, any meat, popcorn, eggs and just about any food. We don't use herbicdes or pesticides on the plants. This garlic is grown in Iowa, processed and packaged by us on our farm. We are licensed, as a food processor, with the State of Iowa.

Listing last updated on Oct 22, 2009

This is pure, fresh, dehydrated, ground garlic and when used it will rehydrate into fresh pieces of garlic. It is just like using fresh garlic without all the work. The end product contains no preservatives, and will store for a long time in the refrigerator.

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We love this product and is the only Garlic we use! it great we can get it at hyvee while shopping for our other produce.

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