Greendale Farm

A whole earth, whole food oriented farm. Family owned and operated we strive to bring the best quality and tasting pasture raised beef, poultry, pork and lamb to your table. The animals live their entire life on the open pasture and woodland areas, the symbiotic relationship between the species promotes health, balance and the most natural food they can provide us.

No growth hormones, no antibiotics, no cheap food subsitutes are fed to our animals. Their environment is unstressed, there is no commercial or confinement practices, they are gently handled and comfortable at all times. Plenty of fresh air and sunshine, a smorgarsbord of pasture and clear, clean, cold well water provide the food foundation. We provide our own selected feed for the chickens and laying hens - not the common run of the mill "scratch".

We have an open farm policy with self-guided tour - meaning you are welcome to come visit and see every aspect to our farming practices. Please arrange ahead of time so one of us can be present to meet you. Bring a packed lunch and enjoy sitting by the pond!


Listing last updated on Sep 25, 2008

Grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, free range eggs, pasture raised lamb, forest raised pork

Schedule and Location:

Athens Farmers Market, Bishop Park (basket ball courts) Sunset Drive, Saturday, 8-Noon

Schedule and Location:

Greendale Farm, 4410 Lower Apalachee Rd, Madison, GA - Monday through Saturday. 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Greendale Farm has fantastic eggs and chicken. The eggs have deep orange yolks and wonderful flavor. The chickens have considerably less fat than supermarket brands and the meat has a wonderful texture. I recommend their products very highly!

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