Our farm is located in Central Illinois and surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods, therefore, we have no worries of chemical drift or GMO infiltration. We have followed organic practices on our farm since 1985 and will never change these practices. Our land has 90 acres of pasture for grazing and several small fields with various clovers for the animals to eat. We have an ever growing orchard and berry patch for the bees to pollinate. The land has a flowing stream running through it which allows the animals a pure water source from several natural springs that feed into it year-round.

Grass fed angus beef, heritage turkeys, free-range chickens and brown fertile eggs are available all year. We also raise guineas.

Listing last updated on Jul 28, 2013

Our free range chickens are always available at a new country store, the Heritage Farmers Market. We also carry those healthy fresh-from-the-farm fertile brown eggs. If you want all-white-meat ground chicken, ground turkey, or need a turkey or ham for the holidays, this is the place to shop.

Angus beef, free-range chicken and brown are available all year at our farm or the Heritage Farmers Market in Pekin, IL

Schedule and Location:

Heritage Farmers Market
(our store is open year-round)
20235 Illinois Rt. 9, Pekin, IL
(4 miles west of Exit 25 on I-155) Ph: 309-620-0616
M-F 12 noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 to 4 p.m.

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I found Greengold Acres online while searching for an alternative of convenience stores' meat and eggs. I now weekly buy fresh eggs and meat for my family, it tastes a LOT differently from feedlot meat we had to eat when we moved here, the other thing is that even the color is different, I compared the ground beef from Cheryl and ground beef from Walmart and the difference was radical both in color and flavor.... [more]

I found the Webbs' Greengold Acres while searching for meat vendors to invite to our Farmers' Market in Galesburg, and so I called Cheryl Webb on a whim.... [more]

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