Greenhearts Family Farm CSA

San Francisco Bay Area Community Supported Agriculture Produce and Meat Delivery

Pasture Raised Organic Poultry, Grass Fed Beef, and Grass Fed Pork

Greenhearts delivers to San Francisco Bay Area families pasture based poultry and eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed pork and organic blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pluots, asian greens, heirloom lettuce and hundreds of other farm fresh organic vegetables and fruits.

Greenhearts CSA is the perfect alternative to impersonal, huge CSA's. We cater to a select few Bay Area families who want sustainable agriculture, truly free ranging chickens and omega rich eggs, locally grown produce,

Our poultry based crop rotation is a naturally weeded and fertilized sustainable agriculture farm system. Our Bay Area organic vegetable delivery is second to none in quality and variety. Greenhearts fields- a model of sustainability!

Enjoy ecological, organic eggs lovingly hand collected and washed by dedicated artisan farmers. The difference is profound, the taste exceptional and the experience perfectly natural!

Our plump, healthy fryers have never been close to anything unnatural. And they taste superb, thanks to a diet of sweet grass.

Join our CSA and taste the difference. We're the San Francisco's Bay Area's finest premium CSA.


Listing last updated on Feb 12, 2014

San Francisco Bay Area CSA - Eat with the seasons our farm fresh CSA! Home delivery of premium pasture raised organic poultry, eggs, organic fruits and vegetables and free range beef and pork. No contracts, no pick-up locations, just the best organic groceries possible delivered right to your door!

Support local organic farms, grass fed beef ranchers, organic produce delivery, community farming, eating well!

Season:  February through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2007

# of Shares:  100

Full Share:  $35 per week, Eggs, Poultry, Beef & Pork additional, Delivered to Your Door!

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Half Moon Bay, Saturday, 9am-1pm

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At $33 a week, I thought I'd give this CSA a try. That was over six months ago and during that six months, my family's life has changed. Completely. For the better.... [more]

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