Greenleaf Chickens

We are a small family owned-operated heritage chicken farm in NorthEastern PA in the Endless Mountains , about 120 miles northwest of NYC.Our birds are pastured and organically supplemented. We use no chemicals or antibiotics on them or our property.

We have fresh eggs daily from our mixed flock. We have New Hampshire & Rhode Island Reds which produce typical brown eggs, a variegated Sussex groups which also make brown though a bit lighter in color (about tan) as well as Ameraucanas who make olive and green eggs and finally our Araucanas who make their famous blue eggs. We do not color separate our eggs so each dozen has a nice assortment.

Listing last updated on Apr 4, 2014

Greenleaf chickens range free naturally w/o antibiotics or chemicals, every day except for heavy rain or snowfall. They are pastured fed with bag supplements. Eggs and dressed chickens are sold at the farm while laying hens as well as young chicks are available for sale during the spring and summer months.

Schedule and Location:

We now have several pickup sites in the Northeastern Pennsylvania areas. When ordering mention the location that is easiest for you.

Site 1 -- Carbondale, Brooklyn Street. Weis Markets
Site 2 - Honesdale, Route 6 at the Dollar Tree
Site 3 - Dickson City at Commerce Drive at Petsmart (near Home Depot)
Site 4 - Forest City at the house

Schedule and Location:

Our hours are from 12 noon until 7 pm six days a week, Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays and all major U.S. Holidays as well as the whole month of January.

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