At Grow Home Farms we strive to deliver to our customers the highest quality poultry and beef they can find. Our cattle are raised on our farm from birth to slaughter, we take orders to provide our customers with grass finished or grain finished for 60 days. Our poultry and turkeys follow the pastured poultry concept based on Joel Salitins model at polyface, we believe whole heartedly in what he is doing and our goal is to copy his production model as closly as we can, because we believe that it is a sound ecologically sustaining model.

Listing last updated on Jan 14, 2013

Here at Grow Home Farms we believe in naturally raised, locally consumed food economy. We also believe that nature is to be mimicked in our model to allow the greatest benefit of return to our farm. We believe we are stewards of the land and the animals that support and allow us to live and make a living on this land. Our beef and poultry are raised 100% naturally with love and care.

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We sell primarily from our farm here in Northern Kentucky. Please visit our website to get in touch with me to order so that I can tell you two weeks in advance when we will process so that you can come pick it up the day of.

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My family have had the benefit of Grow Home Farms chickens and pork. They have both been delicious and you can really taste the difference compared to store bought meat.... [more]

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