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Guerilla Beekeepers follows sustainable and treatment-free beekeeping methods so no antibiotics, fungicides, or miticides are ever used in the hives. All honey is made by bees that are rescued and maintained in our local apiaries; they are never used for commercial pollination. By keeping the bees in one location and letting them forage on a wider variety of flora, they produce a delicious wildflower honey that changes color and flavor as the seasons change. Our business is 100% sustainable and our honey is as organic it comes. Give us all your pollen and your support!

Listing last updated on Jan 15, 2013

MEET THE MAN WITH THE BEES Guerilla Beekeepers' owner, Bill Walter, a honeybee lover since age 8, took on the challenge of rescuing bees that had invaded his home in 2008. Since then his reputation for saving bees in trees, walls, attics and other locations has spread throughout Southern California and he is often called for difficult rescues that even exterminators won't complete.

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