Guinea Hen Garden

On our two-acre lawn-become-farm, we raise herbs, chickens, sheep, bees, and our own vegetables. At the Kennett Square Farmers Market we sell fresh cut herbs, honey, and eggs. During the winter months we sell eggs, honey, greens, and herbs.

Called Guinea Hen Garden, our farm practices several principles: do it as organically as possible, try to use materials from the site, make sure every element serves several purposes. This way we, the chickens, the bees, the sheep, and the crops all help each other and benefit from each other.

We started this farm after a many-year bout with Lyme disease that essentially scared us out of the yard. As part of the recovery, we learned that we had to be as healthy as possible, eat well, and be fit if we were not going to succumb to Lyme again. So we went back into the yard and began digging it up. We still mow grass, but every year there is less and less of it, and what there is is a valuable crop for the chickens and mulching and composting. Check out our website for pictures of our farm.


Listing last updated on Apr 3, 2010

Schedule and Location:

Kennett Square Farmers Market, Fridays from 2 to 6 pm

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