Hames & Axle Farm

Hames & Axle Farm raises Nigerian Dwarf Goats a marvelous heritage breed. We make Surfing Goat Soaps from their glorious milk. All our animals are raised with humane, sustainable practices, and our soaps are as natural as we can make them. We raise some of our own herbs, as well as purchase essential oils. We make our soap in small batches in our kitchen, and welcome "private label" orders for those who wish something unique. We also mentor others interested in goats, especially Nigerian dwarf goats.

We also just published a book entitled "Personal Milkers: A Primer to Nigerian Dwarf Goats." This is the book for anyone who wants raw milk, but can't find it near by. You can raise it in your own back yard. Email us for details. We've also just purchased the magazine "Ruminations: The Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Dairy Goat Magazine."

Listing last updated on Jan 7, 2012

Nigerian dwarf goats are great sources for milk, and Hames & Axle is a great source for Nigerian dwarfs. Our soap,Surfing Goat Soap, is made here from their milk. We've published a book about them, offer workshops about goat keeping, and now own the national magazine about Nigerian dwarf goats. Visit our website and see our herd, the links to the soap, book and magazine.

Schedule and Location:

Westminster, MA - Fridays
Chelmsford, MA - Thursdays
Ashburnham, MA - Mondays
Acton, MA - Sundays

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