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Hammock Farm uses organic and sustainable farming practices to provide you (and ourselves!) with food that is of the highest quality. Our Berkshire hogs, Australorp hens, Katahdin lambs, and Oberhasli goats are raised on pasture without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics or chemicals and are GMO free. Any grain fed to our livestock is certified organic. Our layers eat soy-free as well.

All our vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We have the highest respect for the land and the animals that allow us to eat natural and nutritious food that would delight any gourmet! You can easily order from our website, by phone, email, or fax. Pickup is at the farm other than our wood fired oven dried herbs which can be shipped.

Hammock Farm is owned and worked by Jean and Joe White. Their love of great food is second only to their love of farming. Jean and Joe would love to share their farm and food with you!

Listing last updated on Dec 30, 2013

Hammock Farm, located in Central Florida, is your source of naturally and humanely raised pastured livestock that is treated with respect from birth to butcher. We also grow fruits and vegetables in season without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. And our happy pastured hens provide eggs that are amazing. If you want better tasting food that has been raised with care from start to finish place your order today! We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions

Schedule and Location:

Hammock Farm has pork and lamb available several times during the year. Fresh eggs available everyday excepting Sundays. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs available in season.

Schedule and Location:

Your vegetable, fruit, herb, or egg order is filled and ready for you to pick up at our roadside farm stand at your convenience. Pork and lamb pickup by appointment.

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