Hand Knit Infinity Scarf 100% USA alpaca

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Hand Knit Infinity Scarf 100% USA alpaca

Hand knit circle scarf, or "infinity scarf". These are hand knit and come in a variety of natural colors

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One of a Kind - Never to be Reproduced! Alpaca Infinity Scarf This wonderfully luxurious scarf is 100% handknit by me in extremely high quality baby alpaca yarn. Yarn is produced from our own alpacas, and spun locally (NY) This wonderfully lightweight scarf is the perfect accessory to complete a stylish, sophisticated look.

50-55 inches around, 10 inches wide. Size may vary slightly due the handmade nature of this scarf

Handknits tend to be more expensive than commercially produced products.

Here's why: 1. Quality knitting takes time- each stitch is made by hand, and depending on the number of those stitches, can take hours. Commercially produced knits are made on a tightly controlled computerized machine in just minutes flat! 2. High quality yarns. Baby Alpaca is a luxurious material to work with and wear!

Why choose natural fibers? Acrylics and other man made fibers are generally made from the by-products of oil refining. Alpaca fiber is naturally warm, naturally renewable, and 100% better quality than those fibers made by man. Alpaca fiber is shorn from the animal each year- no worries about the damage done to our planet during or because of that process! :)

Hand wash Lay flat to dry

Made to order Turn around time 3-5 days

High quality huacaya alpacas for sale, as well as raw alpaca fleece and yarn or roving directly from our animals. Our alpacas are kept very clean, minimizing the amount of debris in our fleece. We have every color from white, beige, chestnut, brown, rose grey, silver grey and black

Cagneys Way Alpacas are raised and grown holistically. Furthur enhancing the quality of our animals and fleece.