Washed Wensleydale Locks, 1 lb, 6 inch

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Washed Wensleydale Locks, 1 lb, 6 inch

6 inch Washed White Locks, Wensleydale, Spinning, Doll Hair, Curls, Santa Beards, Felting, Fiber Art, Lockspun, Blythe Doll

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Wensleydale wool is very rare and hard to find in the United States. The locks of wool are super soft, high luster, and long -- they are great to use for doll hair and soft enough to use for yarn to make garments. This wool is like nothing you've ever worked with before! Average micron count is 30-35 and the sheen and luster is incomparable.

This listing is for 1 pound of a beautiful washed American-grown Wensleydale fleece with extra long locks! Locks average approximately 6 inches long unstretched! These locks would be perfect for yarn, doll hair, reroots, wigs, toy pony manes and tails and other crafting projects. Locks are very clean and luminous and are bright white. These locks dye beautifully and also look great in their natural color.

These beautiful locks come from a Wensleydale sheep named Moab. Moab produces beautiful fiber and he is kept covered year-round to keep unsightly vegetative matter (VM) from his wool. As a result, this fiber is virtually free of VM and is very very clean! No brown tips!!

This fleece has been picked through by hand to try to remove any minute foreign matter and debris picked up in the field. It has been scoured several times in hot water with an all natural plant-based soap and air dried. It is stored in a smoke- and pet-free environment. It is ready for you to dye, pick, card, felt or use for your crafting needs -- makes amazing doll hair, Santa beards or wigs!!

Here at The Phoenix, we raise happy, healthy animals in a way that Mother Nature would approve! We offer seasonal products grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, steroids, hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics. We come as close to nature as human intervention will allow.

Everything at Phoenix Farm is raised using organic and holistic principles as we strive to be ecologically responsible. All animal fiber is harvested humanely with no harm or injury to the animals. Fiber is washed with plant-based soaps and dyed with chemical free food-grade dyes. When you buy fiber from Phoenix Farm Fiber, you can be confident that you are getting the most natural fibers without sacrificing quality.

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