Hanley Homegrown

Hanley Homegrown is a sustainable market garden situated on a half an acre of land in Newbury, Ohio, located about 15 minutes east of Chagrin Falls. It was established by Kelli Hanley as a direct result of her desire to return to an agrarian lifestyle after living in New Mexico and Colorado over the past ten years. She saw the garden as a way to combine her love of cooking with her love of the land.

We at Hanley Homegrown envision a future where gardening and farming are firmly woven into the fabric of our culture that builds community and reconnects the kitchen with the land. Our goal is to grow food that nourishes our families, our community and our planet. Sustainable farming practices are at the core of Hanley Homegrown. We know that what you put into the earth is equivalent to what you take out of it. With dedication, perseverance and skillful stewardship, we strive to grow a bountiful variety of vegetables that are both heirloom and hybrid. Our aim is to grow food that allows people to rediscover the simple pleasures of gathering family and friends around the table.


Listing last updated on Apr 7, 2009

Schedule and Location:

Chagrin Falls North Union Farmers Market, Chagrin Falls, Ohio Sundays 10am-1pm
Beginning June 7th

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