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Phil and Christie Hansen of Hansen Family Farm are thrilled to provide the best local, sustainable and fresh fruits, vegetables, grass-fed and finished beef (raised by us from birth to slaughter), eggs and heirloom vegetable plant starts that we are able to offer to our community. We have worked hard to provide vegetables that grow well in our climate ensuring the best tasting produce available. We prefer to grow old-fashioned and rare varieties of vegetables believing that they are the best to offer. We do also grow a very select, few varieties of hybrids, but they are counted on one hand! Much of what we grow, we save the seed of every year and re-offer it to members of the Seed Savers Exchange. Also, we package and sell the seed for others in our area to enjoy! ****All meat and eggs are grown Naturally----no hormones/antibiotics, on grass that has no chemicals. ****

** We offer great tasting, all- natural grass fed and finished beef that contains none of the artificial coloring or preservatives that you will find at grocery stores. Our high nutrient beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, higher in Vitamin E, lower in calories and is naturally leaner than Feed-lot, grain-fed beef. The animals happily graze and roam on 100 acres of pristine grass. We raise them from birth to slaughter; ours are the only hands that raise our animals.

** We raise a variety of chickens that we raise for eggs. We have white, brown, and green eggs available as each breed has their own shell color. Eggs are picked two to three times, hand-washed, boxed and labeled daily. We have many different varieties of chickens, each laying a different colored and size egg. They are fed grass and the best supplement feed to ensure the best diet for healthy chickens. The feed does not contain any antibiotics or additives, absolutely all-natural!

** Our Meat Chickens are raised as our other meat products are....no hormone, antibiotics or other additives. Just the best grass and natural feed available. The feed is milled just down the road from us from a century farm mill and consists of high protein.

** The pork that comes off of our farm is as fresh as you can get. We grow small quantities to ensure that the animals are happy in a large environment, not cramped into cages. The meat is delicious and juicy and we offer every cut imaginable!


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We are a small family farm located just south of Portland. Heirloom Vegetables, Grass-Fed and Finished Beef, Pastured Poultry, Natural Pork, Fresh In-Season Fruit, Eggs, Heirloom Vegetable Starts! We offer our products at a number of farmers markets and also offer home delivery (for a small fee), or pre-order and pickup at our farm. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone and visit our website to view what is offered.


Schedule and Location:

-Oregon City Farmers Market~~Saturdays; 9-2

-Milwaukie Farmers Market~~Sundays; 9:30-2

-Spring Garden Fair @ Clackamas County Fair Grounds~~May 1 & 2

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