Hanson's Hens

A small family run and orientated free range egg farm. We have our girls on pasture and they lay in a movable EggMobile. Our hens are mostly heritage breed birds such as; Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Barred Rocks, and Buckeyes. We also have Cinnamon Queens, Americauanas, and Leghorns. Our birds are medication free, pastured, and eat local feed. We strive to raise animals the way God intended, always being good stewards of his creation, treating the land and animals with respect. We do not size or grade eggs, they come country sorted, some real big ones, some large, some medium, just like grandma used to get. Once you try a dozen you will never go back.

Listing last updated on Jul 1, 2011

Hanson's Hens is a small pastured poultry operation in Shelbyville TN. We have egg layers and in the summer produce pastured Broilers for meat. We believe in local agriculture that produces the best food possible at the most affordable price. Help us change how food is grown.

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