Happy Bee Heirloom Farm

Local, delicious, beautiful and the best tomatoes we have ever eaten describe what we hear about our heirloom vegetables grown from seeds on our organic farm. We use no herbicides, pesticides or GMO seeds or products containing GMO's. materials.

We grow flowering plants for beneficial pollinators and insects and to enhance biodiversity and its natural beauty. Our vegetables are grown in a sustainable way to protect the landscape and wildlife habitat. Because we use no chemicals and our plants do not travel from anywhere, they contribute to good health of the people who eat the vegetables we grow.

Our gardens are beautiful and host interesting critters such as the American Toad and bugs of all kinds. We regularly see coyote, fox, deer, snakes, frogs, many spiders, butterflies, birds and especially bees of all kinds.

We enjoy watching the wildlife here and continue to create and restore habitat for wildlife so that children, families and adults who visit her will be able to establish connections with the food they grow, and have fun outdoors at the same time.

Our restoration work includes creating wetlands and using native plants to provide places for wildlife and biodiversity including insects, bees, birds, mammals and microorganisms that are essential for all living systems.

We also grow hydroponic produce in two greenhouses nearly year round while a third greenhouse currently is being used to conduct research. We installed a rainwater collection system to sustain our water use in the gardens, greenhouses and to hold water in our wetlands.

Renewable energy components including solar panels have been installed to allow the sun to provide most of our electrical needs. We utilize the heating and cooling of the earth through a geothermal system to curtail use of fossil fuels to assist and enable the sustainable operation of our farm.

Our heirloom vegetables are delicious and beautiful and available locally at our farm. We believe every home should have a garden, even if has just a few plants. This spring we will offer heirloom plant pack combinations of heirloom tomato plants and pepper plants and other vegetables for people who would like plant a few heirloom plants in their own gardens. All our plants including these are started on our farm from organic heirloom seeds.

We welcome children and families to visit during our business hours for a farm tour in the growing season.

Happy Bee Heirloom Farm is located just three tenths of a mile off of Rts. 5 & 20 approximately eight miles west of Auburn and two miles east of the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.


Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2013

We are planting seeds for the 2013 vegetables. We will be growing tomatoes, beets, carrots, summer squash, zucchini, Swiss chard, cucumbers, yellow wax beans and green beans, lettuce and Poc Choy. Also we will have melon, sweet corn, onions, peppers, winter squash, dry beans and pumpkins and flowers of many kinds.

Schedule and Location:

584 Turnpike Road
Cayuga NY 13034

Most days - Stop when the gate is open and sign is out. Come down the driveway. We like to keep produce fresh so we pick it when you come...for now anyway. It is fresher for you and easier for us. Thanks.

By appointment as needed.

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